Our Story

Co-founder and President, Jeff Halmekangas, lost his mother to a Hospital Acquired Infection (H.A.I.) many years ago. It was during this low-point in his life he knew there had to be a better way to sanitize and disinfect these environments. After researching every commonly used product on the market, it was readily apparent that 70% Isopropyl Alcohol was the absolute best solution. The obstacle to using this was its flammability which he knew he would need to overcome. He also knew he needed an excellent delivery system and a process that was complete, effective and time-efficient.

In his search, he discovered a machine that had been imported from Japan and was used with a chemical, glutaraldehyde, to deal with the Swine Flu. He experimented with the machine using Isopropyl Alcohol and found a way to completely eliminate the flammability. In fact, he determined the alcohol spray from the machine worked as a fire retardant and consistently extinguished every flame he ignited. He then tested the alcohol spray on every possible surface to verify whether or not it would cause any damage. He determined that it left no stains, no etching, and did not lead to corrosion. He tested the functional operation of all the electronics after the microscopic saturation and found it had no effect.

As a delivery system, the machine was unsurpassed. It broke down the molecules of the Isopropyl Alcohol and created a high-pressure spray which was fine enough to reach even the tiniest crevices. It evaporated quickly and required no wiping. The killing power of the Isopropyl Alcohol was intact, and it was nonflammable. Total Success!

Since then, Jeff formed a company and has sanitized hospitals, ambulances, firetrucks, detention centers and hotels. With the onset of Covid-19, he and his partners at Level4Defense have redirected their efforts to focus on helping the community defeat the virus and re-open for business. Without knowing it, his quest to save others from the same destiny as his mother has evolved into part of the solution for overcoming the world-wide pandemic. There was a higher purpose for his journey than he ever imagined.

Our Clients Love Us

Boys and Girls Club of Scottsdale

The safety of our members and staff is our number one priority. That's why we have teamed up with Level4Defense to sanitize our Clubs with their state of the art sanitizing equipment. Thank you!

Regina BarroOwner, Barro's Pizza

Thank you Level4Defense for keeping my restaurant sanitized! If anyone is interested in having your home or business completely sanitized, contact Level4Defense! They do my business once a week and we are beyond happy to provide an even cleaner and safer establishment for our employees and customers!

Jill HillResident of Sagewood Retirement Community

I am a senior living in a retirement community with over 400 residents. The average age is about 85, and we all have health issues of one sort or another. This puts us in the most vulnerable population for the Coronavirus and many other very harmful germs. Level4defense eased my fears and gave me confidence that my environment was sanitized. They were very professional, completely thorough, and amazingly fast! Their knowledge and helpful advice has changed many of my habits. Thank you Level4defense. Please come again.

Jillian MillerOwner, Pinot's Palette

Since being able to reopen our doors, our guests have asked us what measures we take to ensure their safety. Weekly sanitizing with Level4Defense is a must to not only reassure our guests, but also our staff. They did a very thorough job sanitizing hard to reach areas and even placed a sticker in our window to show that we are a safe and inviting place! We would highly recommend!!!

Grant & Tiffany WilliamsHomeowners

We have always given great attention to cleanliness for our own health and well-being. We hired Level4Defense as a precaution during this time of the Coronavirus Pandemic. We are glad we did and intend to call on them in the future to maintain our peace of mind. We would recommend them to anyone.


An explanation of what Level4Defense does and a demonstration of how it works.

Demonstrates the Non-Flammability of the alcohol through our machine.

Demonstrates spraying a kitchen, including the sink area, stove, drawers, oven, etc.

Demonstrates spraying an EMS (Ambulance) including swab test.

Demonstrates spraying an Detention Facilities including swab test.

Demonstrates spraying a daycare.

Level4Defense was previously known as Level4 Bio

Boys & Girls Clubs

Level4Defense can safely spray around kids, staff and play equipment

Can safely spray play areas and equipment.


Can spray buses, vans and other company vehicles.


Can safely spray vending machines.


Level4Defense can safely spray around food prep areas and places were people will eat

Complex drink areas can be sprayed quickly and efficiently.


Hard to reach places, like booths, tables and chairs, can be sprayed in place.


Kitchen areas and electronic point of sale area can be sanitized.


Level4Defense can safely spray office areas

Demonstrates spraying a glass entry way with no spotting or streaking.


Waiting areas with fabric, art and live plants can be sprayed.


Conference areas can be sprayed.

Medical Offices

Level4Defense can safely spray around medical devices

NON-SURGICAL instruments can be sprayed.


Medical devices can be sprayed.


Medical computers and electronics can be sprayed.

Industrial Areas

Level4Defense can spray all types of industrial surfaces

Complex displays and surfaces can be sprayed.


Horizontal samples can be sprayed without removal.


Large public bathrooms can be sprayed.


Level4Defense can safely spray homes

Eating areas can be sprayed.


Paintings and lamps can be sprayed.


Cloth materials can be sprayed.


Level4Defense can safely spray automobiles

Sanitize all types of cars


Air conditioner inlet, floors, doors, ceilings, etc.


Dash and even electronics can be sprayed directly