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70% Isopropyl Alcohol Kills Covid-19 plus many other bacteria and viruses

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What Sets Us Apart?

We are living in unprecedented times with more harmful pathogens than ever before.
Our focus is on the most prevalent, recurring infections to help the community as a whole defeat the pathogens we already know about and continue to spread, including Covid-19. We can actually kill so many germs with the alcohol, it's amazing!

Our Chemical Solution

70% Isopropyl Alcohol is unparalleled as a safe, all-purpose sanitizer and disinfectant for widespread use. We have made it NON-FLAMMABLE.

Our Patented Delivery System

Produces a fine spray that can cover large areas very quickly and penetrate even the hardest-to-reach crevices.

Our Services

Fast, Effective and Painless. Leave the testing, analysis, recommendation, and details of the process to us.

The alcohol will not ignite once it is processed through our machine. It actually works as a retardant and will extinguish any flames it sprays.

Our spray is safe around people, pets, plants and all food surfaces. There is no need to evacuate other than to clear the way for our technicians to work. No wiping. Quick evaporation.

Our solution is safe on all surfaces, including electronics, metal, plastic, fabric, glass, wood and paper. The spray is very fine, leaving no corrosion, etching, spotting or staining.

We test our work with quantifiable results using a swab and computerized meter to ensure the protein levels meet an acceptable standard of disinfection.

We Have Cracked the Code

and made Isopropyl Alcohol

Our Patented Delivery System removes the FLAMMABILITY of the alcohol and works as a fire retardant as it will extinguish any and all flames that are present.

Unlike all other chemicals (ie. bleach, chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, etc.), we can safely spray anything without any damage. No wiping required. It can also be sprayed in the presence of living beings, unlike other disinfectant chemicals and UV light.

To promote a healthy public environment, safe from the exponential spread of the most prevalent harmful pathogens, in areas where the majority of people live, work and play.  Our focus is not on small, highly toxic environments with a unique outbreak of a specific infection.  Our focus is on the common, but widespread, viruses and bacteria found regularly throughout the community on an on-going basis, i.e. influenza, pneumonia, salmonella, staph/MRSA, E-Coli, Hepatitis, etc.

Target Areas
Our goal is to treat large areas where we can scale for the greatest need, efficiency and affordability for the public at large. We are targeting high-risk establishments such as hospitals, retirement communities, nursing homes and child day-care facilities. In the public interest, we are also targeting schools, colleges, places of worship, indoor sports/activity arenas, airports, restaurants, gyms, and large retail outlets such as grocery stores.

We can, and have, treated small areas of concern and urgency, i.e. where Covid-19 has been present, but our strength, benefit and cost-effectiveness to the community comes with our service to larger, more populated areas.

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Don’t Be Fooled

A sparkling-clean area with a nice odor is no guarantee it is free from germs and pathogenic microorganisms. The only assurance you can have must involve a scientific method of verification, i.e. a swab test or other means for quantifying protein levels and/or similar indicators.

Do you assume doctor’s offices, hospitals and operating rooms are completely sanitized?
Based on our experience and testing, we have found results that are surprising. For your reference, check hospital readmittance rates due to Hospital Acquired Infections (See H.R. 3962 – Medicare financially penalizes hospitals for readmittance rates that are too high).


Do you assume nursing homes are completely sanitized?
Up to 80% of the nursing homes in the country would not have passed health inspections even before the Coronavirus Pandemic.

If these environments are not completely sanitized, imagine all the other locations we frequent.
This is not due to negligence on the part of staff, cleaning services or other sanitizing companies. It is due to the lack of proper equipment and the means to safely disperse a chemical as potent as Isopropyl Alcohol. We have the equipment and the means. Our machines are unsurpassed as they have the ability to microscopically saturate entire areas and minute crevices without leaving any residue, moisture or carbon footprints.

According to the Under Secretary for Science and Technology, William Bryan, Isopropyl Alcohol is recommended

Creating a safe environment

We require a Full Spray, top-to-bottom, on the initial visit, and recommend recurring visits for high traffic areas to maintain a safe and sanitized environment. We can customize our pricing for both initial visits and maintenance visits to meet most budgets. We can discuss the most appropriate maintenance schedule with you when we speak.

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